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Default HTPC/Server Build

Alright so i think i've narrowed down the additional parts i'll be using for my HTPC/Server build that i'll be starting next month but i thought i'd hear some feedback as well.

Existing Parts:
Atom N330 processor overclocked to 2.0GHz, system is: - Buy Zotac IONITX-A MINI-ITX Intel Atom N330 NVIDIA ION DDR2 GBLAN 802.11N HDMI Audio 90W PSU Motherboard - IONITX-A-U In Canada.
2 GB of DDR2 800MHz RAM
30GB 2.5" Hard Drive for OS
2 1.5 TB 3.5" Storage Hard Drives

ATI X1900 all in wonder RF remote control (dont know if it works in win 7, have to look for it, know it works in xp)

Considering Parts:
Case: - Buy Nmedia HTPC 1080P mATX Case Supports MINI-ITX 1X5.25 3X3.5INT SDHC Reader 2X80MM Fan No PSU Black - HTPC-1080P In Canada.
LCD display: - Buy Nmedia LCD Module 2X20 USB for Nmedia HTPC Cases 280/288/500/1000/2000/5000/6000 - PRO-LCD In Canada.
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse: - Buy Nmedia Black Wireless Keyboard & Remote Combo RF 2.4GHZ 40 Feet with Trackball - HTPCKB-B In Canada. Looking to get this only if the ATI remote does not work.

OS: Win 7 as i have some usb accessories such as the ati remote, console to usb adapters and the lcd display that only have windows drivers, or i believe will mostly work in windows.

Open to suggestions but keep in mind i am looking for a small case that will hold all those 3 hard drives, have a flip panel that hides the 5.25" bay, and preferably doesnt have a psu slot but worse case scenario i'll use it as a fan intake for air flow.

What mini-pcie options do i have as well since i wont be running it on wireless.
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