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My System Specs

Default Another VS thread... P7P55D Deluxe vs P55 FTW

I'm looking at the p7p55d deluxe and the p55 ftw, both new and including all accessories sealed. Both come with their respective warranties. I will never run triple graphics cards, both mobo's look like they have very good designs. Here are the differences I've found so far:

EVGA Wins at:
-where the 'northbridge' location is, asus looks naked while evga has a nice light there
-vrm heatsinks and a chipset heatsink that look functional instead of just pretty
-very reputable customer service, good community
-3 bioses (which I don't need, but otoh asus doesn't even have a backup bios)

ASUS Wins at:
-more vrm phases (I think it was 16, vs evga's 12? Is there a difference in quality per phase?)
-better looking OC remote control
-Stack Cool 2
-no silly and ugly lga775 holes to weaken socket area
-pcie 8x slots are 3 slots apart (instead of evga's crammed 2 slots wide)

Also, how much do you guys think each mobo would be worth in terms of price? Thanks.
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