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+1 to all that's been said

That WD drive is a JMF612 controller based drive (or so I have heard).
Decent kit. Not great. But decent for the price.

The Kingston SSDNow V Gen 2 (SNV425) is a JM618 based one (based off the 612 but has been tweaked by JMicron and built by Toshiba). Its only ten bucks more.

If you have patience and can wait for another Sale the 60GB OCZ Vertex for 160'ish is also a good drive.

The Kingston SSDNow V+ Gen 2 (SNVP325) is also a better drive. Its only 30 bucks more then the WD.

BUT the best bang for your buck drive out there (and arguably still one of hte best SSDs period) is the Intel X25-M gen 2. If you can afford the extra hundred bucks...its money well spent.
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