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Default Gamer comp - Diablo 3 and later

Hello, i am 19 years old and i am from Denmark.

My old computer, which can run SC2 on low settings, is no longer good enough for my desire.
I would like a computer, which can play the new games, in the next 3 years.

I am going to play games like diablo 3, starcraft 2 and newer games, which requires some computer power.

I am kinder new to all the Hardware stuff - What is good or bad, and what is most important to be able to play "high req" games.

I am not going to overclock btw;)

I got a budget of:
1500 US dollars
9200 Danish Kroner
1 of them only ofc;)

I think i will be going quad-core.
4X 3.2 or something.
For that i want to ask a question: Is Phenom II good? For what i can see, it is cheaper then the others.
Is there a big difference betwen Core i7 and Core i5, Since Core i5 is alot cheaper?

The Graficcard will be HD 5870 i think.

Cpu cache is where i am a little lost, is 8mb L2 enough, or should i try find 16mb? Though have only seen 4mb and 8mb.

For the harddrive, i will probally use
Serial ATA-300
1 TB or 500gb

RAM : I will be running with

Remember i live in Denmark :)

Any advice would be appreciated ! Since i dont know 100% what i am saying;)
If you have any bad things or positive things, plz write :)
Or if you have any questions further, be free to ask :)

I am not thinking of collecting a whole new computer, i am going to buy 1, which is already been "made" collected. I just ask advice about the Hardware

Thanks again.

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