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I see speed AND reliability being the main concern.
SHDC NAND is nand. It doesnt have the write performance of higher grade nand found in SSDs. So its write speed is going to suck in comparison even within a 8x raid array. Sure its sequential speed might come close...but I bet its 4k numbers will stink.

And SD cards are cheap because they use cheaper nand...thus they dont have the realistic expectation of surviving the same number of writes vs a SSD's MLC NAND. This has gotten better with time, but the SD/SDHC mfger's dont expect you to USE the external storage in a continuous manner.

I have a dual CF to sata port raid 1 gadget here and while I'd use it for a freeNAS C drive where writes are low to rare...I wouldn't trust it as my OS drive in a 2ndary rig!
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