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Originally Posted by Neolithium_Wpg View Post
I'm definitely laughing at them, some of the more recent polls are showing some annoying issues with around 60% of the iPhone 4's currently floating through the US. There's also a large number of Apple Stores that never broke more than 10-20 people outside it, it all just depends on location really.

Given what I've seen on the forums lately from iP4 owners, I won't be getting one until their revision that will be released next June.

Sooo it finally IS a "Jesus Phone"....but not as in what he would use, but as in what you swear at it? LOL. Awesome.

Amazing what some people will do for a PHONE. But then again I thought peeps were nuts for camping out for days to get a xbox, ps2/3 etc etc. Guess it takes all kinds!
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