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It's probably a long time because it's a common problem with some model of Imacs. The parts could be back ordered by weeks.

Apple - Support - Discussions - Yellow tinge from bottom to top of the ...

Apple - Support - Discussions - New iMac 21.5" Yellow tinge, Screen ...

The tight integration in Macintosh products is a major selling point, and a major detriment when hardware breaks.

Originally Posted by Yamcha View Post
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share this, I sent my imac in for repair about one week ago, it had 3 dead pixels, yellow tint & flickering issues.

June 13th
I dropped off my iMac at the Apple Store on June 13th. The person told me it would take 48hrs to repair
June 16th
I called Apple to see if my iMac was ready, I told them that someone had told me 48hrs, he said it usually takes 7 days (told me to wait 7 days from 13th of june)
June 20th
Waited 7 Days.. I call once again to check the status, they tell me it will be done later today or tomorrow at the most.
June 21th
I call again, the person on the phone says it will take a few more days, I told him you guys first said 48hrs, then 7 days, I've done my part, I've waited patiently.. I requested for a refurbished one or new one.. He says he will talk to administration and call me back

I am very disappointed, I have no clue why I even switched to mac, its ridiculous.. we pay premium for Apple products, and yet we can't even get decent service..

I'm going to post this everywhere... until I get my iMac back..

If you guys have any feedback on what I should do that would be great..
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