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Hey all!

Well I know that I said I would have an update then disappeared from the face of the Earth... And sorry about that but you must all know what life can be like! I have just finished stage managing a show with 150 performers so that took over a fair bit of my spare time and the rest was taken up by work, you know the thing that is funding this mod :) haha.

Anyway I am going to be kicking out a few updates in the next few weeks the first being what I got done tonight!
As I want to hold a PA120.3 in this case the drive bays went bye bye and therefore so can all the gubbins in the front bezel. Who wants 2 fans anyway! I WANT 3!!!!! So after bit of chopping and sanding I have a now slightly flimsy bezel :-/ but all is good I have lots of scraps of aluminium which will come in very handy in making a nice new inset both to make it look EPIC but also to give the bezel some extra strength. Any here are the pictures.

As you can see it still needs a little bit of cleaning up but nothing that a bit of filing, sanding and paint will not fix. Remember this case is going all white on the exterior so I am not too concerned by some of the scratches etc, they will all be sanded out and painted in a nice Toyota Hilux Pure White. I have the colour codes ready and will be ordering the exact colour that the truck is painted in!

Until next time why not take a look at the guys supporting this project!

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