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My System Specs


I got a Zotac GTX470 a few weeks ago, mostly for folding purposes, but also so I could have a 3 monitor setup/DX11/gaming potential.

To the blind fanboys that say heat is not an issue, IT IS. It's just not necessarily as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be. Stock volts on my card were 950mV, I've seen that number as low as 937mV and as high as ~1V. So theoretically I should have a decently binned chip.
Well I had to replace one of the cheaper USB cables I had touching the rear exhaust vent of the card. (it was only rated for 35*celsius IIRC so it was really just my own stupidity but you get the point of the heat issue) I also can't stick my hand back there when I'm folding because it simply kicks out that much heat.
With heat usually comes fan noise, but the stock fan profile is pretty weak. The fan doesn't ramp up past 40% until it heats 70*. 30 minutes of Furmark will easily push past 100* at high resolutions. A slightly more aggressive fan profile solves this, however it gets unbearably loud during intense usage. (folding/Furmark, I haven't ran any intense games on this yet)
What I ended up doing was I replaced the thermal paste with MX-3 and then removed the shroud. I found 2 old Intel stock coolers with the Sanyo Denki fans on them and paper clipped them to the heatsink. Undervolted, they're bearable in terms of noise, while providing MUCH better temps. The problem is my case temps rose about 7* so I ended up installing 3 more intake fans.
Right now, the GPU core temps sit at 84-87* while folding and I get 15k PPD with 778core 949mem 1062mV. (haven't completely fine tuned the OC) So the heat/noise CAN be managed even if you're on a budget, although it's not easy since it heats up my room as well, the biggest issue is whether or not you can handle the power consumption.

If you're really just getting a card to game with, I'd say go for the 5850, if Folding is important and you can afford ~5-15 bucks a month on your power bill+potential aftermarket cooling costs, (depends on your pricing/usage) get the 470.
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