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I love the responses, so far my impressions are that:

1. Go for the 5850 if not folding
2. Power and heat are the biggest issues
3. 3d is a gimmick

1. I'm probably going to fold, but only during those sweet contests, however now that i think about it, it's not worth it.

2. yes... I'm aware of that.

3. I don't believe it's a gimmick... I see the potential uses of 3d, however the initial cost of getting a 3d system is just not worth it in my eyes. I just came home from a friends place to test his stereoscopic glasses with his gtx 295, it impressed me at first, but the colours come out funky because of the red/cyan filters... so it kind ruined the whole 3d experience. I would consider the 3d vision technology, but it is just way too expensive.

Now to say I'm an Nvidia fanboy is pulling the strings because I don't even own a decent nvidia card... lol other than my ... AGP rage 128mb graphics card in my p3 computer...

Yes i agree that my original post is biased towards nvidia, but can someone educate me on why ati doesn't have the features that nvidia has? Why can't it fold as great as an nvidia card, why can't it have the 3d feature, why can't it have tesselation?

Bob Saget.
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