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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
^^^^ The OP's already stated he's building a "higher end" obviously he's going to have a decent PSU......with that said even a lower end PSU is more than enough for a most cases just about everybody building a new gaming Rig is going to go minimum 650W really Power consumption is a moot point ;)
Exactly how is extra power or heat outputted both into the case and into the 'room' a moot point? Some people are going to be on a budget for their electrical bill, or would like to keep their electrical bill where it is. You throw in a higher consumption item in your house and run it quite a bit your electrical bill go up, i saw this last summer when i was folding during the summer.

Same thing goes with heat, not everyone will have an air conditioned room for the summer and some people keep their pc's in their bedroom. I don't know about you, but i don't like sleeping in 30C+ room because i ran my computer all day and i have to wait several hours for my room to cool down.

You have to remember we have members from all walks of life and income here. Just because the OP has the money for a higher end system does not mean that he didn't save up his money over a while and this is where he is spending his spare money.

As we always have to take into consideration are the externals to all situations, not just look at it as an enclosed system of just gpu/computer.
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