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Default Copper Sheet Metal/Plate, where to get? Or Alternative

Not even sure if this is the right place to this, but I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could buy copper sheet 1-1.5mm thick (haven't measured yet), that is cut to smaller then 5cmx5cm?

The reason is my laptop currently uses a thermal pad to interface between the heatsink and the GPU. Directly using heatsink->paste->gpu, would create a gap between the gpu and heatsink. What I'd like to do is heatsink->paste->copper plate->paste->gpu, rather then replacing the pad (cheapest I can find is $4.50), as in theory it should cool much better.

Preferably if the location is locally in Vancouver. I tried searching, but could only find orders for much larger sizes, and I have no tools (or access to) to cut copper sheeting.

Another possibility would be to hammer an old copper penny flat, though I've heard this being done, I'm not sure how people controlled the thickness.
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