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Aight guys thanks for the posts so far. My parents have now started to get frustrated with him because they know that it will be a waste of money for a 14 year old. There is 0 use he can make out of it. He even said he doesn't want to take it to school. He also has an iPod touch (first gen I think) and a pretty decent slide phone so I don't really see the point. he will just have some piece of junk that will get used maybe once or twice a week to browse porn on his bed. I am really just trying to help him. I recommended a few laptops or a few graphics cards maybe to purchase on in the future. I know its his money, I know he had to work for it, but at that age you do very dumb things. Overall i'm just trying to help him in the long-run because I never had an older brother who did that for me.
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