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Originally Posted by SneakySnake View Post
I'd much rather play games such as Civilization and Nazi Zombies on the iPad then play flash games online. And ten years ago was when AMD and Intel had just pushed out 1 GHz Athlon and Pentium III chips (March, 2000).

Honesly though, why all the hate towards the iPad? Even if you can't stand apple the iPad is pushing technology by making everyone else come out with new and better products. I can understand not liking a company, but I can't understand loathing every product that they make.
I don't like the iPad for myself (Other users, go nuts and get one if you want one). I just have a personal preference where if I need more power than a smartphone, I want a full power notebook; I consider it a cool device with a few pros and cons but really have no use for it, aside from making my desk look like an Apple showroom.

In this particular situation, I think the iPhone is the smarter choice for his brother because of the other features it brings to the table (I was 14 once too, and a phone was far more useful than an information appliance).
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