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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Why all those great parts and not choose a great HSF? Don't get me wrong, the AC7 is a very good cooler - but I would personally go for a higher-performance model, like the Ultima 120.

Board? DS3L, hands-down. Need a high-end board? Asus Maximus Formula would be my choice.
Thats another part I've been floundering back and forth with. Anandtech has a pretty favorable review of the Freezer Pro 7 (AnandTech: Arctic Cooling Duo: Alpine 7 & Freezer 7 Pro Attack Value) which led me to believe that it was probably adequate for my needs since I'll have pretty good case airflow with the TJ09 and fans on the ram etc. I don't really know though since I haven't done any overclocking.. I imagine the Ultima 120 would give my CPU etc. a longer life due to lower temps? I'm not concerned with getting a huge overclock.

Thanks everyone for your input, its greatly appreciated!
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