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Originally Posted by NineLives View Post
Hahaha, just tell him that he can get a tablet PC laptop for $600 that can actually do flash, and play games, and etc. Or AT LEAST tell him to buy an ipod touch, its not as much of a waste because it can fit in you're pocket unlike the ipad which has a processor thats slower than a 10 year old computers processor. Really 1.4GHz?!?! Whoopty Doo! I think the Playstation 2 has better specs than that piece of junk.
I replaced my Q9550 desktop with a 1.3ghz notebook - I can still happily design, code for the Web and use Photoshop.

What's your point?

Edit: Guess what kind of processor you are most likely to find in a $600 tablet PC... You betcha, a 1.4ghz processor.

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