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My System Specs


Originally Posted by NineLives View Post
Hahaha, just tell him that he can get a tablet PC laptop for $600 that can actually do flash, and play games, and etc. Or AT LEAST tell him to buy an ipod touch, its not as much of a waste because it can fit in you're pocket unlike the ipad which has a processor thats slower than a 10 year old computers processor. Really 1.4GHz?!?! Whoopty Doo! I think the Playstation 2 has better specs than that piece of junk.
Worthless post.

1) Flash -> Do not want.

2) Play games? It does.

3) ipod touch > ipad because it fits in your pocket? That would defeat the purpose of the ipad thus rendering your point invalid.

4) CPU too slow? For what it does and what it is -intended to do- it's the perfect balance between processing power and low consumption. Intelligent design > useless clock cycles.

5) You actually compare a PS2 to the ipad? Hmmk, lulz.
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