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My System Specs


PS3..... eeeeeeeew.

I had a PS3, but really like the 360 better so I got rid of the PS3. The graphics are comparable across the two consoles. I wouldn't really compare the consoles to any specific video card, but I would say that they are comparable to newer games set on medium-low graphics settings. Wii isn't anywhere close.

I honestly see slightly better, but reasonably close graphics with my 8800GTX OC than on the PS3 or 360. I usually set graphics to medium and get around 40-50 FPS for shooters/racers. I think you will be taking a big step down from your 4980 graphically.

I do agree with you though. Sometimes it's nice to not worry about patches/activation etc though STEAM takes care of that for the most part. I do find that the xbox Friend system works better than a whole bunch of individual friend networks on different games. Consoles work fine for racers and shooters, but leave RTS and TBS games on PC where they belong... anyone remember starcraft 64 lol. Even halo wars feels wrong on 360, though it was a good try. It is also fairer when everyone is useing the same controllers and hardware, and it's tough to aimbot on a console. After PC gaming though, having to put a disc in every time you switch games gets annoying.
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