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Default Trying to make a mobo choice...

I'm putting together a new system in early-mid March and am looking for some advice on what mobo to get.

The PC will be strictly for gaming (RTS, MMORPG, no FPS) and I intend to put the following parts in:

- E8400 processor
- EVGA 8800 GTS 512 (this may change as there could be some upcoming releases from NVidia, I would like to use step-up to get the next gen GTX when it is available)
- 2 GB corsair dominator pc-8500 w/fan
- 620w corsair PSU
- Single 500gb-750gb hdd
- Arctic cooling freezer pro 7
- Silverstone TJ09 or TJ04 case (is the TJ09 overkill?)

I'd like to overclock the E8400 to at or around 3.8-4 ghz. All that said, should I splurge for an expensive mobo like the Asus Maximus Formula x38, or will a cheaper board like the Gigabyte p35-ds3l suffice?

It would be my first experience with overclocking so I want durable hardware (although I don't plan to push it too hard). Does a current 8800 GTX have enough space in the p35-ds3l? Does anyone expect the size of the 9800 GTX to be bigger? (this one I don't really expect anyone to have info on, but I figured I'd ask)

Thanks for any and all input!

PS - My budget is between $2000-2200 so if anyone has suggestions other than what I have listed I am completely open to them.
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