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Originally Posted by AmuseMe View Post

The fans do indeed have a golf ball texture They are original 2000RPM Sharkoon Silent Eagles. I have six of the 120mm ones in the bottom there, two 1000RPM ones for the HDD/ SDD mount, and two 1500RPM 92mm ones on the rear of the case. Very expensive for a fan...
Oh really, how much how much :p
Yup, that whole unit was just the pump and fittings to leak test my roataries and angles to make sure there was no leaks from any inner O-rings I have two 90s in this build and use snakes or two 45's in tandem to create 90-degree bends. That way, there is no restriction as two 45s make a nice gentel curve
Originally Posted by tehpr0fess0r View Post
Pretty sure he said that was just for leak testing
Thanks Professor, I missed the comment.. sorriee.. unique of testing those fittings Amuse, well see I picked up something from you too.. :D
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