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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
"Information appliance"? Is that what they're trying to push it as?

Honestly, here is what you should do:

Offer to chip in for an iPhone 4 with him...nothing much, maybe $50 and have him pay the rest which will probably end up being much less than $600. IMO, an iPhone will be much more useful for him in the long run.
Yup. Apple is basically admitting that its an over-sized iphone as its not powerful enough to even be considered an underpowered Tablet PC.

"....(a) processing device such as Palm pilot, its variants, and multifunction cell phones....." Taken from

Thats a good idea Sky as atleast then he could phone someone with it...and prolly have enough left over for a PSP or Nintendo DS or etc etc etc

Glorified ipoood touch for 6 bills that you cant even easily swap out the battery in when the battery dies...or even access a good chunk of web as it uses that nasty old flash tech. Driver you should ask your borther how he expects to watch all his fav youtube videos without Flash. ;)
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