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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
THEN DONT SAY THEY ARE STABLE! It's pointless to say they are stable since you can't prove that from either side
Eh, what? They are stable. The uselessness in your comment was, if you let me point you a few post up, when you said that your computer was more stable than the average Apple computer.

You can't prove than one is more stable than the other in the absolute.

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Does it require a battery to run? Then yeah, I'm serious. I actually thought about how it would alter the design and it's rather crazy, it would actually turn out to be something kinda like an iPad, only with a removable cover for a battery.
Eh, what again? Maybe I'm just really tired from coding right now and my judgement is impaired by a few beers in the process, but how do you think the 'unibody' design of the case would be affected by a removable battery? Wouldn't it break completely the sole purpose of -that- design? Yes it would.

You can think as much as you want on it but that doesn't add any sense to that argument.
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG
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