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Originally Posted by ottoyu34 View Post
Nice colour theme! I like it
I love the black and white builds. I've been planning on doing one for ever. Not even kiding. They picked up a lot since I planned this build. I appretiate your comment - thank you

Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
Wow that looks awesome. Hey Amuse, using those many 45 degree angle barbs (I think) doesn't it reduce flow, I could be wrong, just never seen anyone have that many attached to each other.

The damn white tubes look sexay :p.. What fans are those, the blades have a texture almost like golf balls, looks sleek really. Have you tested them yet, the noise level and cfm through the rad?

All looks really nice so far.. :)
The fans do indeed have a golf ball texture They are original 2000RPM Sharkoon Silent Eagles. I have six of the 120mm ones in the bottom there, two 1000RPM ones for the HDD/ SDD mount, and two 1500RPM 92mm ones on the rear of the case. Very expensive for a fan...

Originally Posted by tehpr0fess0r View Post
Pretty sure he said that was just for leak testing
Yup, that whole unit was just the pump and fittings to leak test my roataries and angles to make sure there was no leaks from any inner O-rings I have two 90s in this build and use snakes or two 45's in tandem to create 90-degree bends. That way, there is no restriction as two 45s make a nice gentel curve
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