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Originally Posted by Diablo View Post
from what i have seen and read about the new 3870X2 i like what i see and its the same or less then a 8800gtx... and as we have seen almost all of the down saids are driver related with ati is working day and night to improve and maby its just me but its just fun to fool around with 2 gps .

ass it allwes is with leading edge grafix prosesing the drivers are behind the hardware with meens the 3870X2 will get faster as time gos on. remember wen the 8800 1st came out... but now the drivers are grate ..same with ati...and in you have the 3870X2 in mind remember that all of the other reviews use older drivers then the review here at hardware canucks.

so i put my vote for the 3870X2 ...and i have put my money were my mouth is. and mine is in the mail...
Yeah, drivers are still pretty new. Apparently they're working hard on them though and they can only get better.
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