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Question Nirvana?

I like the Nirvana -- it looks nifty.

Saw a couple reviews in some other dark corners of the web (which shall remain that weren't quite so rosy on its performance, so I kinda waffled on it. Plus, I can't seem to find one that's out-of-the-box 1366 compatible -- every Nirvana kit I find needs an additional bracket for 1366 motherboards, and the bracket uses plastic push-pins, which I'm given to understand aren't the greatest and require some force to properly install (given my luck, I'm sure I'd brick something if I push!). So every time I go price-shopping at Newegg or elsewhere, the Nirvana never shows up under 1366 heatsinks. ZeroTherm's website lists the "PWM" version as compatible, but the "Premium" isn't (and I can't find either at Newegg or NCIX -- actually, the only places it seems to pop up are Europe or Australia). What particular kit did HWC review (there are about four different ones floating around)? Seems like it came with all the necessary bits and didn't involve push-pins. If I had that, and could shrug off the (admittedly, only one) bad review (and, by contrast, did rather like it), I might go for it. It'd certainly take the fan question off my mind, so I could go back to more important stuff like obsessing about whether DDR3 1600 memory will work at its rated speed with a Gigabyte UD5 mobo without any mucking around (but that's another thread -- literally, go look!).

Well, it's shaping up to be either the Nirvana if I can find a kit with all the necessary bits, a Megahalems if I'm feeling too heavily-laden with extra cash, or maybe a Fenrir -- apparently Titan's coming out with a new version called the Fenrir Evo that's supposed to be pretty nifty, though I have no idea if or when it'll be available around these parts.

Thanks for all the patience and advice, AkG. Much appreciated!

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