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Over a month with no update This thing is still in the works and am still waiting on Charles and his German Manufacturer on a few parts... Which I ordered back in January I basically did everything that I could at this point, and this product is required to actually finish the build

Anyways, like I said, not to much can go on. I did manage to remove the yucky SilverStone logo and all that white paint they put on the front of the case. Took some cleaning ingrediants, and literally had it all wipped off in under a minute. No residue, and no damage

This little bugger needs to be RMAed, and then I will remove "LAMPTRON FC5" from it aswell. I dont need brand label names on my stuff

You can see that the top tube is not connected anywhere. That is because I am awaiting for another product before I can fully plumb the bottom area. You can also see my T-Block which is used for draining. It tucks away nicely right around the corner of the other rad

Here you can kind of see where the tube is going. It is indeed going into the other radiator.
Thats right, I have it going Pump>SR-1 360>Feser 240>CPU>GPU>Res>Repeat.

Yeah... that is all.
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