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Base system specs will include:
  • Asus X38 Maximus board
  • 2 GB Mushkin XP DDR2-1066 RAM - I'll be using XP Pro for this system, and I love my Mushkins. These XP's aren't the cheapest, but I hear better things about their IC's. And at this point, I've had one big long streak of NO PROBLEMS with Mushkin RAM, so they've got my business.
  • 2 WD 500GB HDD's, to be used for a RAID 0 setup. I was really hoping for SSD's, but... maybe later. At that point, these guys will do fine for bulk data.
  • Auzentech Prelude sound card. Probably higher quality than my ears will ever be able to tell. But the price was decent.
  • Video card - not picked yet. Was hoping for a new generation card, but does look like it was meant to be. For now, just something to carry me over. I'm not convinced NVidia's new offerings will do much that my 8800 GTS doesn't do with its 40% overclock, and ATI's single cards will almost certainly be a step down. I'm leaning towards an 3870 X2 at the moment, pending the availability of a good waterblock, and gambling on future driver improvements.
Attachment 1476
Also in this photo are two things that fall under the "Let's give it a try" category.

First is Primochill's Liquid Utopia coolant additive. I won't touch non-conductive fluid, but their colours are usually much better. I've been completely unable to find any proper reviews on this stuff, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Worst case scenario, I'll have to flush my system and replace some stained tubing. Also pictured is a T-balancer. I keep hearing about these things, figured I'd give one a shot. If it work, great. If not... well, I've got other ways of making fans do what I want.

A CPU photo, just for posterity. Yes, I decided to splurge on a QX9650. My goal will be to clock this thing high enough that an 8.5 multiplier (highest to be available on normal Penryn quad processors) will be inadequate. Y'know, to somewhat justify the ridiculous price.
Attachment 1473

The base P190 case, as Antec made it. The actual case is rock-solid, which is why I chose it as the foundation. It comes with Tri-cool fans, but I junked them approximately 0.1 secs after getting the case.
Attachment 1472
Note the bottom chamber, filled to capacity with PSU cables. No, this doesn't include any of the optional modular cables that can be plugged into the second PSU. Antec's idea of a "modular" power supply system needs some serious work... and don't get me started on the power-distribution across the two supplies. For a case that can only hold 6 hard drives, Antec seems to expect otherwise on the second PSU. I came THIS close to tossing those power supplies and putting out for a 1Kw+ unit. As it is, I expect to feel no hesitation about just cutting some of those cables off entirely in the near-future.

Silence and performance are my goals, therefore much cooling is required.
Attachment 1477
Not pictured is the CROWBAR that I'll be using the get all this stuff inside the case somehow.This will be a dual-loop setup, with the chipset blocks seperated from the CPU/GPU stuff. Considering what I blew on the processor, I still cringe when I think of what I spent on those little EK blocks... and the two Thermochill rads... and the Noctua fans. God bless Swiftech and D-Tek, at least.

Future updates as they occur...
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