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Default Build advice needed

Hey All,

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new build to replace my aging 3800 X2.

I use this PC primarily as an HTPC, but also as a virtual server to run one or two background machines. (download bot / remote access terminal). Upgrading to gain blu-ray support, and enough power to run Windows 7 smoothly. I do video encodes, as I'm trying to rip my dvd collection to HDD. Most of these are done overnight, so I don't need to set a speed record. Not much of a gamer anymore (wife + kids = almost no free time).

Doing the debate between low power and potential performance (also... intel vs amd).

I'm either going to go with either:

I3 530
Gigabyte H57-USB3
OCZ Vertex 30GB SSD


X6 1055t
MSI 890GX-65

Common items
4GB Gskills Ripjaws
Gemini II cooler
segate 1TB drive for storage

Planning to use IGP on either board, as both are capable of 1080p playback. The intel has the advantage for HD audio passthru, but I don't currently have an amp that supports it.

Overclocking is always an option, but I'm probably going to run stock speed until I need extra power.

I'm thinking that the i3 combined with the ssd will be nice and snappy, and still low power.

Which way should I go?
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