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My System Specs


Nice job Vinnie, What was the Cost exactly?

At some point I'll have to go watercooled for the same reason that you did, noise. I don't overclock much because I can't stand fan noise. So I'm going through the stages.

P4HT 3Ghz in an Antec PLUS1080AMG, AIW 9600pro - 4 x 80mm, 2 x 80mm psu (loud)

AMD X2 4800+ in an Alpha 602BK case, Integrated GPU - 2 x 80mm, 1 x 120mm psu (bearable)

AMD X2 6400+ in a Cooler Master Elite 330, HD2900PRO 2 x 120mm, one on psu (okay until 2900 Fan goes 100% in overclocked gaming)

Current plan, go from Elite 330 to CM690 with 3 x 120mm and possible Thermalright HR-03 on the gpu.

After that who knows maybe I'll be forced to water cooling if that's still to loud.
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