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Lightbulb Fenrir?

I appreciate that the Megahalems is a pretty high-end cooler. I haven't thrown any money out into the world yet, and I'm willing to pay a little extra for nifty looks and no-worries performance, but it's true that I won't be doing any insane overclocking, not for a while anyway, until I get my bearings. I wouldn't mind having the capability, but it probably would end up being wasted to a degree.

I took another look at the Titan Fenrir -- the noise issue turned me off it at first, but that's apparently only an issue when its fan is running full-blast, and that's probably true of most any high-performance fan anyway. Seems like it's a lot better behaved at lower speeds, still cools well, and is PWM capable, so I wouldn't have to worry about mucking around with wiring I don't readily understand just yet -- just plug and play. And it's a good deal cheaper, especially considering it comes with a fan, though it looks like I'd have to source it from the states. Oh well, nothing's perfect. If I decide not to be extravagant (and I freely admit that the Megahalems with dual fans would be an unreasonable extravagance given my needs), maybe the Fenrir would be a better bet.
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