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Assuming you are running in AHCI mode with either MSAHCI drivers or Intels latest and greatest you are indeed utilizing TRIM.

Assuming you have more then 10% free ( a good safe min...but I prefer to leave more) then its not a huge deal. I am also assuming that you plan on upgrading within 5 yrs. If so...I truly doubt you will kill the SSD in that period of time (its possible...but doubtful). IF you are worried about it dieing young....leave more room free! The more cells the wear leveling has to work with...the easier it is on each of the cells. You get 10k writes on avg per cell. The lower you avg cell usage per week is...the more weeks it will last. (With the 128GB'ers I like to consider them 100GB'ers as that will leave loads of room to keep the cells from being over worked.)

With that being said I prefer to drop file DL's to a hard drive as it is wasteful on cell usage...but then again I am a miser when it comes to wasteful cell usage and it just offends my frugal ways to do so :)~

If you really want to lower cell usage there are some tweaks you can do:
Windows 7 - Ultimate SSD Speed Tweaks

and a utility that implement them in a nice easy GUI:
Guide SSD Tweak Utility
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