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I suggest if you guys want to do something like this that you support organizations in your local area. This isn't necessary, just my belief that people often overlook those who are closest to home. I don't just consult for banks and tech companies, I also own a little candle company that I use to generate products and profit for use in charities like my local chapter of Hospice House. An hour or two every week makes a huge difference in other peoples lives... seriously. It's not about thumping bibles or anything like that, it's just helping someone else. It can be anything, picking up food from drop offs for the food bank on your way to work or starting a mailing list with living information for those who have no idea what an RSS feed is. Do something SMALL and commit to it long term and you will make more of a difference than doing something big once a year.

Not that I'm turning away donations lol, we have more need than we have decent machines. When I send out a rig, I always make sure it's up to date enough to make XP fly . I don't recycle P3's for example, mostly netburst stuff over 2GHz and A64 single cores as that seems to be the sweet spot for performance and the ability to find cheap memory and video cards. We don't send out old CRT's because the fact is these kids are self conscious of their differences already and having what looks like a funky new computer that can't be identified as anything but brand spanking new is a boost to their self confidence. Most LCD's are easy to fix, it's usually an inverter or a cold cathode tube that needs to be replaced. I always buy new keyboards and optical mice as that adds that "just unboxed" finish.

I stick to what I know, I mean I'm a lousy carpenter with bad eyesight so I don't build stuff for people, but as a grade A geek I can pretty much build anything that has to do with PC's so that's where I try and help. Besides it's easy to tell your S/O your rig needs replacing and that you are going to donate the old one :D hehehehe.

Anyhow, I'll gladly take hardware and when it's used I'll tell you in relative detail where it went what it's doing without posting recipient names in public. Typically a photo of a kid with a custom painted new rig makes anyone smile. I won't stockpile a whole load of stuff, because that's not reasonable and commits me to more work than I have time for. We aim to get a unit out once a month or so and that's already a big commitment in the time department when you think about getting components together and sourcing little bits and pieces, testing and installing, getting cases to and from the artists shop etc.

Anyhow, if you'd like to help let me know, I like other people getting involved and I will GLADLY help you start doing the same thing in your local area.

Guess I've yapped enough eh? Good day :)
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