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My System Specs


Good points guys, I've only now fully understood how hot the 8800 series of cards run, I guess that's what you get for the performance. I'm certainly happy with how mine runs! I left the card's stock cooling on it, and I've moved the PC into my basement where the ambient temp is 18c right now, and won't get much higher all summer. Also, I'm using EVGA's Precision utility to manually increase the fan speed since nvidia's drivers don't do a very good job at it, and it's reduced my card temps considerably. And for the heck of it, since I don't have any case fans, I put a small room fan blowing into the case directly at the card (it's a very old case, not designed for todays hardware).

Doing all this reduced my idle and peak temp by 10-15c depending on the game, more if I crank the fan up even higher, so far I've only gone to about 65% or so. And what a difference in fan noise from the gpu, I can't believe the auto setting in the drivers won't work that well, I mean how damn hot does it have to get before it turns it up?

edit: I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but using Nvidia system tools, you can set rules for the fan to run according to gpu temp, not by cpu usage, like they have by default. Any reason we shouldn't use this tool?

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