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How about StressLinux? Stresslinux is a minimal linux distribution running from a bootable cdrom.

I was going to use it for a project I was working on but never got around to it. I never actually used it but it seemed like a good way to stress test a system quickly without booting into a OS, especially helpful when making quick adjustments to the bios to find the maximum OC.

Actually my original plan was to add StressLinux to my grub boot loader and have it as a bootable option when powering up the PC but I couldn't figure it out. If my memory is correct there is a motherboard (asus I think) that has a built-in linux os that can run some simple apps on it without having a OS installed. I sure it won't be long before there are some user created apps out there for stress testing and monitoring temps. I hope it catches on because I would buy a motherboard just for that feature.
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