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Default ATCS840 Powder coating (estimated price)

Hi all,

I ordered this CM ATCS840 case (the black version). I'll get it this week from NCIX. $165 after MIR is a good price for a case like this. (rebate house's address is in Ontario, shouldn't be too bad to get the rebate)

I want to keep this case for my main rigs for years to come (let's say five years), so I might mod it...paint, fan controllers, cold cathodes close to the top, you know, mostly aesthetic stuff...

Anyway, the case's interior is not painted. It's NOT a big deal, but I was looking at this modding post:

Case Mod Project: ATCS 840 - Forums

The first few pics show exactly what to do, how to take it apart...

There is only a few rivets to pop, everything is pretty straightforward...could be easy to do.
Paint is paint, I'm not the best painter, but I could take my time, apply appropriate primer first, then the right paint, no prob...

BUT, powder coating seems a great option too...the result is probably awesome!

Could the coating screw up all the screw threads?

Do you guys know how much it could cost in Canada to have thees few parts powder coated? If it's cheap I'm interested.

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