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Default Nvidia or ATI

Hello everyone at Hardware Canucks,
I've got a really intesesting question in regards to my motherboard, right now I'm currently working with a system that is a ASUS P5W DH Deluxe motherboard, and the intel chipset is a 975 I believe, however, with that said it appears that Nvidia doesn't support SLI on this chipset, if I'm incorrect, please let me know. However, so the situation is that I'm using a single Nvidia XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition with 512MB or Video RAM, however, I'm looking for a ATI Crossfire configuration for my motherboard, instead of using SLI mode for the board because of the Intel Chipset limited support issue. So, what is everyones suggestion to a great Video card from ATI that would be able to play Crysis and other high end games at max settings, I'm thinking of the ATI Radeon 2900HD series, a certain model or manufacture would be greatly appreciate to direct me into the right direction upon making the purchase thank you forum readers.
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