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Default palit 1 gig 8800 fit my ASUS made IPIBL-LA (Berkeley) mobo?

Ive got a HP premade system (got it cheap with a gift card) but the onboard graphics are lame.

I was wondering if a Palit 1 gig 8800 GT would fit my single slot PCIE mobo? Its an ASUS made IPIBL-LA (Berkeley)...

Now I've been told by some that the fan on the card may get in the way, but a tech (from a local store) told me the only problem would be the actual length of the card... I think I can move some stuff around so length won't be an issue but I ain't so sure bout the width, the cooling fan is awful thick...

Anyone have any cloo?

Should I just stick with an ASUS single slot 512 MB 8800 GT card? I know it fits...

Oh yeah any recommends on a power supply? The HP one is only rated for 300 watts ...

ArrOOoo, Reddog
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