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My System Specs


Cptn Vortex - KZG is Chemi-con caps. These are regarded, usualy, as good caps. They are not bad for sure. My beef is just not with them, they are sure the worsest from the good brands like Samxon, Rubycon, Nichicon and Panasonic (sorted by what I like them), but clearly they will never fail w/o usage.
They must be fakes. I never ever heard about KZG failure w/o a reson. A damn good reason, I might add.

What about a picture of busted GOOD cap Chemi-con KZG in DFI LP B Vcore regulator inputs? Cause of death? Fuhjyyu caps in PSU! (Antec NEO 480W PSU) Fuhjyyu ones usualy does not bulge, so you have no idea that things are going wrong... if you don't know that Fuhjyyu caps are inferior crap even between bad caps!
You live nicely and peacefully, till a loud explosion come out of your mobo and your machine fail miserably. Then you check it out and see good Chemi-con KZG caps in the Vcore imput filters (1500uF 16V ones) entierly destroyed:

And your machine no longer working. That way exactly the wake up call for me, regarding bad caps Yea, Chemi-cons are supposed to be a good caps, but even good cap can fail when before him is a BAD CAP that generate excessive ripple...

Eldonko - glad to hear you fix it!
Good work, mate!
And yep, Asus is cheap. It is not true that he must skip on parts too much, but that is what Asus is. ASRock is ever crappier - OEM even cheaper Asus
We have here a name for Asus that goes "Aušus" - it is a word taken from germans, widely known by Czech guys and gals and meaning something like "crap"
So, you see, it goes almost same as "Asus". Simply "Aušus"
And the other board is canibalized and left to die? You probably can obtain the need mosfets for it

I just threw out an Ultra PSU with caps like the above pic, it just blew one day and I opened it up and the caps were shot. No pic tho, its in the garbage...
No waste. But if you can make a nice pic and check out on the caps brands... well, forget it. People might get all the wrong ideas, if they see you dig in the garbage
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