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Default $100 vs $300 Motherboard Overclocking

Is it just me, or have you guys noticed that whether you have a $100 or $300 motherboard, overclocking seems to be similar. Like for example, I usually see that a $100 Gigabyte motherboard could take a Core i7 920 up to 4.2Ghz. The same is achieved by a $300 Gigabyte motherboard. So essentially, that other $200 comes from the quality of parts and features. However, that $200 is supposed to improve overclocking, but in reality it doesn't?

I understand that different chips top out at different frequencies, but rarely do you see a situation where a Core i7 920 hits 3.6Ghz on that $100 Gigabyte motherboard while on the $300 one, it hits 4.2Ghz. Like the gap is minimal, and again you're basically spending money for the features.

Does anyone have that sorta thinking?
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