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Default AMD Latest IGP North & South Bridge Chipset—BIOSTAR TA890GXE

Over these years, AMD’s All in One products, with ATI technology in the field of GPU, have been very popular in the market;
moreover, AMD built-in GPU chipset also shows great 3D performance, usually being in the lead.
AMD released several Micro ATX products, such as AMD 780G/790GX/785G, all of which were also very popular.

Recently, the highest C/P All in One motherboard should be AMD 785G.
Another advantage of AMD CPUs is more parity.
Therefore, MB manufacturers released plenty of 785G motherboards, and 785G with ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) technology was more popular.
In March and April this year, AMD rapidly released new chipset—Northbridge 890GX and Southbridge SB850—to update its product line.

At the early stage of marketing, since new SB850 did not support ACC function,
most MB manufacturers made 890GX use or unlock hidden cores by updating version, modifying BIOS, or adding jumpers.
890GX motherboards can be classified two specifications according to their size: the price of ATX is higher,
and that of Micro ATX lower. However compared with that of 785G, the price of 890GX is much higher.

This time I use BIOSTAR TA890GXE, and the price is about USD 120, $20~30 lower than other MB manufacturers’ Micro ATX 890GX motherboards.

The appearance:

The main matching colour of recent BIOSTAR products is bright red:

890GX of ATX-version:
GIGABYTE released higher-level 890GPA-UD3H, and the price is about USD 140

The latest version 2.0 supports ACC technology; version 1.0 also supported this function by updating BIOS.

Back to the introduction of BIOSTAR TA890GXE:
Lower-left of the motherboard:
1 X PCI-E X16
1 X PCI-E X1
LAN chipset: Realtek RTL8111DL
Codec: Realtek ALC892, with 8+2 channels and supporting Blu-ray Audio

Lower-right of the motherboard:
SB850 provides 5 X red SATA3 ports, supporting RAID 0 / 1 / 5 / 10
Power button, reset button, and debug indicators

Upper-right of the motherboard:
4 X DIMM DDR3, supporting 800/1066/1333/1600(OC), maximum capacity of DDR3 is 16GB
1 X IDE, 24-pin power connector

Upper-left of the motherboard:
Location of AM3 CPU, with 4+1 phases power supply

4 X USB 2.0
1 X RJ-45
1 X S/PDIF Out
1 X IEEE 1394

Heatsink of Northbridge 890GX, beside it is 128MB DDR3 SidePort Memory.
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