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My System Specs



- 1080p capable
- Decent Resonse time.

- Good Contrast Ratio (Although it would be a good idea to download the manual as that contrast ratio is undoubtably Dynamic Contrast, not Typical Contrast. As long as Typical is at least 1000:1 or more, then it should be good. It claims 10,000 typical, but I highly doubt that for that price. Especially for a TN Panel. That's definately gotta be a typo.)

- HDCP Compliant (This is a big plus point. Especially if you plan to watch Blu-Rays on your computer.)
- Viewing angle ratio is not bad


- Brightness is a bit low

- No HDMI interface (This is becoming very important with computers and modern GFX cards these days. DVI-D is on it's way out.)

Subjective impressions based on specs are that this seems to be a decent spec'd monitor "for the price". But simply reading the specs is not enough... Specs do not always indicate real world performance. Such color accuracy, backlight bleeding and many more things. I would recommend you read both "Professional" and "Customer" reviews and then come to a decision. But I can assure you as someone who recently bought a new monitor myself, there are a lot of better options than this monitor out there for good prices. It just takes time and a lot of reading. Especially multiple professional reviews from several different sources.

Hope this helps a bit.

On a side note: Many may not agree with me, but personally, for gaming and all round use, I still prefer 16:10 monitors over 16:9 monitors.

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