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Default LG E2350V and AsusG60J

As rjbaker says it should be easy.
However the output connector on the ASUS60j (A 16" version of the same) is a D15 sub analog.
So when I connect over the analog the display will not display anything at 1920 x 1080: claims the signal is out of range.
By the way the options I can select does not include the full HD i.e. 1920 x 1080 but only others and lower. But using the options in the NVIDIA driver (i just downloaded the newest to be 197.16 for windows 64 bit ultimate ) I could trim teh settings to teh needed 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz.
I also tried with a HDMI cable again it came up on 720p not on 1080p??
The store/shop claims the display is Ok. However I don't know if he is testing on the DVI connector (probably is).
any idea how to solve this?
a converter from DVI to D15 sub would only work provided the signal is analog?
By the way the computer can not detect the screen (DDC channel not working?)

I tried today on two old IBM and Dell std. 1200 x 1024 4x3 format. It only suggetsed 1024 x 768??? strnage but could read both type of displays.
Now further testing is difficult the display is in Spain, and I am in Norway.
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