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Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
Well I'm going to take 5 minutes of my time here to explain something to you or anyone pissed at me:

As much as I enjoy having conversations with you guys and as ironic that it may seem, I'm getting pretty tired and annoyed by all of this.

Everything I write here are purely opinions, but again most of the BSD/Linux/Security conversation that I write and reply in I back my claim with technical manuals and books, I don't just go on on something I don't know well or that I haven't learned from a 'good' source.
Here's a thing virtually nobody knows of me else than the guys I work with: I'm an obsessive compulsive (as in OCPD) and one of the 'nicer' symptom I have from that is a compulsion to understand everything perfectly and to the smallest of details so when you see me arguing over something like it's a "law", well it's usually a principle or a subject I learned and dissected to it's most complex form from reading and understanding a few thousand pages of technical documentation on the subject. I usually can't even sleep for days if I don't understand something to perfection.
If you or anyone else want to think otherwise by skeptism over my claims, well free to you to think like that, I can't do anything about it.
A thing is sure is that I won't back down from my opinions, because I never argue about something I don't understand perfectly.

That said and on a more personal note, Neo, beleive me I don't even remotely want people to switch to whatever else platform than what they are and for a simple reason: I'm not in front of their desk using their computer and I sincerely don't give a damn of what they use. Sure in my honest opinion I'm still going to think that windows is crap and won't use it else than for gaming, but why would I even remotely care about someone else's choice of OS? I often comment on it, yes, but care? No.

Also, for the last time, even if some of you seems to think so, I'm not a fanboy of anything. My choice are backed up by logical and rational explanation and documentation and if you think otherwise, well the only thing I can tell anyone is to read again 2 paragraphs up.

On that I'm done arguing uselessly with anyone who just seek to piss me off to compensate with a lack of knowledge or who is reacting irrationally because he's caught in a net of illusions over a specific subject in any thread (and I'm not talking about you Neo).

Btw ST, PM sent.
So ive been a pretty quiet lurker on this thread. Somewhat like an observant judge watching people battle it out in a courtroom. So far it seems as if you've got outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted by almost everybody on here. You've obviously pissed of many people including the admins which is a very dumb decision. Obviously, this is a PC ENTHUSIAST site revolving around PC USERS and not MACINTOSH FANBOYS such as yourself. You deny it, but from what Ive seen you are. There is no reason for you to keep trying to defend yourself because no matter what you are trying to prove this hole you are digging is going to reach China real fast. Itll be very hard to get back out of. Do us a favor and take it to the mac forums about how you got served on a PC site and how Steve Handjobbs didnt back you up.