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Originally Posted by trodas View Post
The components quality must suxx todays then. Sadly, this is likely not fixable. What are the brand name/or picture of the caps used there? I do wonder what is used there...
Yeah ASUS doesnt plan for people to take things to the next level like that so they use parts that would be ok under regular use for the most part. So you can either put up with 0.2v+ vdroop to save the components or do the vmods and hope for the best. That or buy higher end boards for $300. Luckily I have the same transistors on another board so I just changed it and it was fixed. I have also changed caps on an old DFI for better japanese ones in the past, worked well. I got a big bag of high end parts that I use once in a while.

I just threw out an Ultra PSU with caps like the above pic, it just blew one day and I opened it up and the caps were shot. No pic tho, its in the garbage..
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