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There, now that I've said my peace, Windows doesn't "suck", neither does OSX and neither do (most) distributions of *nix; they all have their damn places. Microsoft has stupid policies, so does Apple, so do most software companies if you bother reading their EULA's.

I'm getting a Macbook along with a new iPhone on one of the weekends off (that I'm not at the strippers that is), mainly for the fact I want to tinker around with iPhone development, and the SDK is only available for OSX. Is it the worlds most superduperfastninja computer? Nope. Is it expensive? Yeah, but its also a hell of a lot less of a pain in the *** than tracking down a notebook which can be turned into a simply working hackintosh without dicking around with 10,000 attempts with kexthelper. Besides, I want to play around with something different for the time being, I've spent countless hours with Linux, BSD and Windows - I just feel like switching to the other side. I own an iPhone, gonna be buying some of their computers, am I going to call Windows users a bunch of card carrying morons? No, cause I'll install Windows on the damn thing too.

Mac fanboys can go way too far with their biased BS, but in the same note so can Windows users, and the same is true for some Linux fans as well (If you spend more than 10 minutes in a Linux forum you'll see that from so many users, even those who don't know what the hell sudo is) God this damn war is annoying as all hell, and I'm sorry m1dget, as much as you love waving the Apple and BSD flag, you gotta cool your jets. Almost every post ends up pissing people off because you attempt to prove your opinions are law - when they are not, they're just damn opinions. It would be better to try a different approach if you're hoping to switch peoples opinions on using either Macs or BSD - even Mac forums I've been reading on, have people that are die hard fans that don't attempt to do nothing but insult another operating system.

BAH, end rant. Now I need a freakin Heineken after finally getting this off my chest.
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