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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I'm going to step in here.

I count myself as an enthusiast and I will freely admit that currently SSDs don't appeal to me in the least. This is simply because I still count them as beta hardware that are not yet mature enough to warrant installation into my primary system. I'll buy into the fad when I see these as an actual replacement for my primary drive instead of overpriced boot drives.

*waits for angry emails from Corsair, OCZ, G.Skill et all*
I could agree with this. We don't really know how these drives will perform, and the capacities and driver support make them tricky to use.

OTOH, nothing I have put into my system in ages has resulted in such a noticable difference in system speed for me. In my laptop, the speed and lower temps were astounding (boot times went from 3.5-4 mins to ~40-50 secs, drop in temps by 10-20c).
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