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Hello all once again - and hopefully this will be the last of these planning installments.

I'd like to share with you the third and final (for now) revision before this plan hits 3D mock-ups.

A quick overview of the features and design details presented thus far:
- Room enough for and easy access to 2x420mm Radiators
- Integrated reservoirs and 4xPumps
- Constructed from 0.25" Grade 38 Titanium plate
- Motherboard can be removed without disconnect from tubing or wire harness
- All wires are run out the top and back of the chassis, which also creates a storage cavity
- Absolutely no visible fasteners on the chassis
- The case will be held together without the use of screws, fasteners, bolts, or adhesives
- Will features 2 independent cooling loops
- Blacked-out and filtered air intakes in the chassis
- Side panels will be removable in seconds without any latch, fastener, or tool
- All bolts, fittings, and hardware will made from be stainless steel
- All bushed and nickel plated cooling gear
- All tubes and wires will be sleeved in milspec quality nylon multifilament sleeving
- There will be no side windows, instead the components will be exposed to the elements
- The entire chassis will feature some type of exotic coating, such as a rubberizing perhaps

Here's change-log for revision3.0:
1) Pumps have been flipped and are now side mounted - pumping upwards
2) Custom reservoirs replaced with EK (possible IandH) options mounted directly to pump-top
3) Tubing layout redesigned to consider a more efficient routing
4) Much more finite consideration of power and data wire routing
5) Altered position and orientation of modified PSU, fan now blows up and wires run out the front/back of the PSU
6) Moved location of chassis USB ports and power switch to the motherboard tray backplane

Revision 3.0 Side and Top views with cooling loops:

Side and Top views with parts only:

Side and Top views of empty chassis:

Side view detailing roughly how the wires will be routed, note how the wires are fed out both the front and back of the PSU:

Here's a very rough perspective view of the bottom most cavity, showing how the pumps, PSU, and reservoirs are oriented:

Here's a perspective side view to add a bit of depth, this just details some of the design features:

Taking into the account the vast array of suggestions on the latching/fastener method I made a revision. This particular design was suggested by Oldnewby - thanks mate:

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Thanks for the suggestions and help everyone - watch this space in the coming weeks as this design unfolds to become a reality.

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