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My System Specs

Red face

t0m - then take the stuff on outside for good lighting and take some pics to share here with us with a short story perhaps
And yea, there are worser examples of blow-out caps that the above PSU, but hey, nice CapXon caps, nope? (recently I saw a guy that moded his X-Fi and installed a BIG CapXon cap on it and I was like - oh, my... installing a known bad cap, now that is a wise mod )
northbridge had no heatsink and was literally bubbly, surrounded by black charred plastic and melted almost completely out of the motherboard
OMG. This is nuts. That can't work stable, can it? And I would kill to see that in action Besides, I would like to get the spare NB heatsink, if it was any good one
it was so hot my thumb print melted into it, and it felt like it was foaming (or boiling) under my thumb
Oh, I hope you did not hurt yourself. Take case, bad caps can do "wonderfull" things.

SKYMTL - yea. Be carefull around them. They knock my DFI LP B mobo dead. Antec NEO 480W PSU, the first one (and expensive I might add) with custom cables... Yet recapped with Samxon caps, the Antex NEO PSU run like a drem for me now.

donimo -
if you can catch the smoke and get it back in there, it will work just fine again
I have my doubts about that

Eldonko - you mad overclocker 100C only? Hell, that is poor. My heatsink (mind you, heatsink, not what was under it) on my Epox 8RDA+ was at about 140C (!) and it still worked. Bulging GSC crap caps are clearly visible on the input rails:

The components quality must suxx todays then. Sadly, this is likely not fixable. What are the brand name/or picture of the caps used there? I do wonder what is used there...
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