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Originally Posted by Digikid View Post
I just hope that they make them more durable. For example...The iPod Touch is near indestructible.....while the iPhone will break on the first drop.
Ive done everything to my 3G up to (and including) dropping it into a toilet. I got it release day 2 years ago, and it is still kicking VERY strongly after probably having been dropped 2 or 3 dozen times from 3+ feet, plus the toilet-call.

Aside from that I'm interested in this upgrade from my current 3g. I'm also glad I skipped out on the 3GS 'upgrade'. What a waste that phone was if you owned a 3G!

It'll be interesting to see what rogers offers its current customers for hardware upgrades, contract ports (I have the Unlimited package of voice/data that you cant get anymore afaik), and obviously the big point of $$$. But seriously...August release in Canada? What the hell...
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