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Question Motherboard Fan Headers

Hi all. Very inexperienced builder here.

I'm planning a build using the Silverstone FT02 case and Gigabyte GA-X58-UD5 motherboard, and I took another look at the fan setup of the case versus the number of fan headers on the motherboard -- from what I can tell, three fans can plug into the SYS_FAN_1, SYS_FAN_2, and NB_FAN headers, but can the fourth fan that comes with the case plug into the PWR_FAN header without difficulty, or should I just skip it and plug directly into the PSU (I may yet end up splurging on a fan controller, especially if it comes with a built-in memory card reader, but that's for later)? I assume that doing so would just run the fan in question at full-blast all the time, which probably wouldn't be a terrible idea for the exhaust fan. Oh, and given the size of the fans (3 x 180mm, 1 x 120mm), if I do use the headers, will the motherboard supply enough juice to get them all spinning? Or should I just toss the header idea and go for power straight from the PSU, or via a fan controller? Oh, and the PSU I'm looking at (Corsair HX 850W) doesn't appear to have any header connection to worry about, so that's not an issue.
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